A profitable condominium or a building is not always simple. In order to do this, it is vital that a careful management is done at every moment. From grounds maintenance, flooring, the long-term projections of roof and windows status, preventive repairs, special arrangements or collecting rents all these to name a few. These concepts may seem simple at the base but are complex in reality. The effective and strategic management will allow your investments to continue to gain value in the context of the real estate market that is continuously fluctuating. This is an art that is not mastered by all.

With a very high success rate and contract retention. We make sure to always draw an accurate picture of the needs of your buildings / condominiums, in order to have all the resources to make it our priority.


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Integral`s priority is to serve and protect the interests of condominium corporations, assuming the role of quasi-trustee. Integral strongly endorses the principles of sound management recognized by the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec and manages the property entrusted him with efficiency, loyalty, good faith, transparency and diligence.



Managing condo units

Effective and preventive management of the condominium reserve fund

Lower insurance premiums of up to 10 to 15%

Supervision of maintenance and repair work

Bilingual and dynamic team



Perception and deposit of contributions from owners

Preparation and continuous analysis of budgets

Preparation of monthly financial statements,
including the explanations of budget variances, list of arrears of common expenses and bank reconciliation

Preparation of documents necessary
for the annual audit

Management of various funds under
the declaration of condominium

Advice to members of the Board
concerning investments


Budget and contracts pertaining to the condominium

Hiring and supervising a concierge

Advice to the administrator on the management of the condominium

Preparation and assistance for meetings with Board Members

Support Members of the Board in the preparation of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Preparation of tendering and bid analysis for service contracts

Planning and organization of various maintenance programs for public areas

Inspection of the building and monthly report

Coordinating the preparation of the reserve fund study

Maintaining inventory of equipment and insurance policies

Held and updates administrative documents

Emergency service 24/7


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Gatineau, Québec J8Y 3Y2